First Time Tire Buyer? It Is Easier Than You Think

Just because someone owns a car it does not mean they know anything about them. It is intimidating for an owner to consider repairing a vehicle when their knowledge is basically restricted to operating the vehicle and adding fuel. Purchasing tires may seem overwhelming because there are so many brands, sizes and types available. Luckily, it is not as difficult as it seems and there are ways to ensure that the right tire is found for the right price. Read More 

Why Some Oil Changes Are A Little More Complicated Than You Think

Most car owners tend to think that an oil change is a simple process. Get under the car, open the engine plug, take off the oil filter, drain the oil and then replace the filter and plug before putting in a few fresh quarts of oil. Actually, the process is a little more complicated than that, and in some vehicles it is a lot more complicated. Here is why. Some Vehicles Have TWO Drain Plugs for the Oil Read More 

3 Tire Services That Are Provided For You When You Purchase Tires From A Tire Shop

When you purchase your tires from a tire shop, they are generally going to provide some excellent services for you either free of charge, or for a reduced fee. This is because your tires are going to come with a warranty on them, and these services are covered under this warranty. Many of these services are going to be essential for making sure that your tires stay in good condition, so knowing that they are going to be covered for you as a great feeling. Read More