How Collision Repair Has Changed In Recent Years

Most drivers will have to address several collision repair issues involving their vehicles over a lifetime. The collision repair process has changed significantly in recent years, though. It is good for motorists to understand these developments so let's look at four notable shifts. Plastic Panels and Flexible Paints Additives for paints have made vehicle surfaces more flexible. Likewise, these paints go over more plastic panels than ever before, especially on the fascia for the front and rear bumpers. Read More 

Protecting Yourself with Roadside Assistance

There are many troubles that your car can experience that may leave you stranded or otherwise needing assistance to get the vehicle moving or to a repair center. To this end, drivers can choose to carry roadside assistance coverage that can be extremely useful when their vehicle encounters a number of potential problems. Roadside Assistance Provides More Than Just Towing Coverage Towing coverage is one of the most commonly used benefits of roadside assistance plans. Read More