3 Tire Services That Are Provided For You When You Purchase Tires From A Tire Shop

When you purchase your tires from a tire shop, they are generally going to provide some excellent services for you either free of charge, or for a reduced fee. This is because your tires are going to come with a warranty on them, and these services are covered under this warranty. Many of these services are going to be essential for making sure that your tires stay in good condition, so knowing that they are going to be covered for you as a great feeling. This article is going to discuss 3 tire services that are provided for you when you purchase tires from a tire shop. 


In order to make sure that all of your tires wear down evenly, you are going to need to have them rotated. Rotating them allows them to all wear down on different parts of the tire evenly, rather than having different sides or parts of the tire wear down faster. If this does happen, you are going to have to replace your tires in a shorter period of time because they will become to worn down in one or more areas and will be unsafe to drive on. Thankfully, this is going to one of the tire services that are covered under your warranty. When you initially get your tires on, they are going to tell you how many miles you can put on the tires before they need to be rotated. You will then bring your car in at this point, and they will rotate them and once again tell you when they need to be rotated next. 


Another important service that a tire service can provide for you is alignment. When you tires are out of alignment, they are going to pull your car to one side or the other. This is often going to be very annoying, and can make it difficult to drive. You can often have an alignment done when you take your tires into be rotated, so that you can save time. 


If your vehicle happens to get a flat tire, this is also going to be covered under most warranties. You will simply need to bring your vehicle into the shop, and the mechanics will be able to figure out what it is that made your tire flat, whether it be a nail, a faulty tire, other debris, or whatever it may be. In any case, they will be able to either repair the current tire or get you a new one. 

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