An In-Depth Look At Brake Pad Compounds

Your brakes have one seemingly simple yet crucial job – to bring your vehicle to a quick and safe stop. For this reason alone, it's important to make sure you're making the right choices when it comes to any brake repair. When the time comes to replace your brake pads, you'll want to choose the right materials that offer the best performance for your vehicle. This means taking a close look at what your brake pads are made out of. Read More 

Modern Cars Are Losing Weight: Everything You Need To Know About Aluminum Auto Bodies

Aluminum is growing in popularity as an auto body material, with more and more manufacturers using it to supplement or even replace steel frameworks. If you aren't sure whether your next vehicle should have aluminum panels or not, here's the skinny on what to expect if you make the switch from steel. "Rust" On Aluminum Is Actually A Good Thing Red rust forms when the iron in steel oxidizes, chemically combining with oxygen in the air and water around it. Read More