Why Some Oil Changes Are A Little More Complicated Than You Think

Most car owners tend to think that an oil change is a simple process. Get under the car, open the engine plug, take off the oil filter, drain the oil and then replace the filter and plug before putting in a few fresh quarts of oil. Actually, the process is a little more complicated than that, and in some vehicles it is a lot more complicated. Here is why.

Some Vehicles Have TWO Drain Plugs for the Oil

Some vehicles have not one, but two, drain plugs for draining oil (e.g., Ford Mustang). In order to effectively drain the used oil from the engine, both plugs have to be unscrewed and removed. Two drip pans are used to catch the dripping oil from these areas too. Sometimes the second drain hole is located up higher in the engine, which means that the technician has to wedge a drain pain up higher to make sure that the dripping oil does not drip on the hot engine or anything electrical. This issue often means that an oil change is going to require more time while the technician waits for the oil to completely drain.

Some Vehicles Make It Difficult to Reach the Filter

Even with your vehicle hoisted into the air over an oil drainage pit, it may still be difficult to locate and remove the oil filter. Why? Because the filters in these vehicles are located underneath parts of the engine and over other components under the engine. You almost have to remove some parts or push other parts aside to get to the filter.

Some Vehicles Need Plug Extenders

Additionally, there are some engine plugs that are impossible to reach without plug extenders. Probably the most infuriating thing with these cars is that the manufacturers do not see fit to include the extenders when they build the cars. Ergo, an oil change technician has to find the plugs and reach as far into the vehicle as he/she can, attach an extender, and then remove the oil drain plug.

If the engine is hot, he/she could get badly burned in the process, which makes this situation even less fun. If your oil change technician tells you that he/she thinks you should buy the extension so that he/she can install it, do it. It will save a lot of time at the next oil change because the technician (and you!) will not have to wait for the car to cool down before reaching down to the extender on the oil plug and releasing the plug. For more information, contact companies like Precision Automotive.