Three Less-Common Uses For Used Freightliner Trucks

Used freightliner trucks for sale are usually meant for people who need these trucks to increase their fleet. However, you may not know about some less-common uses for these trucks, and why these uses may be helpful to you in the future. Go on; see if you can see yourself driving along in a freightliner truck under one of the following circumstances. (Just make sure you have a CDL license and any needed permits first!)

You Need to Move Your Double-Wide Trailer Home

The problem with owning a trailer home is that you have to constantly move the home when you no longer want to rent the land on which the home sits or when you want to move to a cheaper spot on the same trailer park home lot. You constantly have to pay enormous trucking fees to load up your double-wide trailer and safely relocated it to the new spot or the new lot/plot of land. Now, if you owned your own freightliner truck, the only fees would have to pay are to the guys/gals who help you load the trailer home onto the back of your "new" truck.

Moving Your Plane to a New Hangar

Well, if you own your own plane, why not buy and own your own used freightliner truck? You could house both the truck and the plane in the same hangar. Plus, you can use the truck to tow the plane to a different hangar if you want to move the plane. It saves you the time, money, and planning needed to move your plane from one hangar to another at the local airport. You would never need to borrow a plane-towing vehicle again; your freightliner truck could handle it.

Hauling Your Yacht (or Someone Else's Yacht) Over Dry Land

Speaking of boat ownership, if you or someone you know owns a sizable yacht, these things are ridiculously heavy to transport over dry ground. They are also much too large to go up and down many of the riverways in this country. If you are going to get this yacht into larger bodies of water (either inland or opposite coast), you are definitely going to need more engine power than what is available to you in a standard, heavy duty, passenger pickup truck. 

A semi/freight truck has enough power for the job. You will need the right kind of trailer onto which to load your yacht. After that, you will need to drive very slowly and very carefully to your destination, but this kind of truck is fully capable of managing the job.

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