Four Things To Do To Get Your Camper Ready For Summer

Summer is fast approaching, which means it's time to pull campers out of storage and get ready for vacation trips to favorite outdoor spots. If this is your first year pulling an RV out of storage, you may be unsure what you need to do to ensure that it is summer ready. The following guide can help.

#1: Inspect the tires

The first thing to do before heading out is to make sure your tires are in top condition. Depending on climate and length of storage, tires can sometimes develop dry rot and leaks in storage. Begin by checking pressure and airing up. If a tire is more than a few pounds off from the tire pressure when you last parked it, take it to a tire shop and have it checked for leaks. Then, examine all the tires to make sure the tread is still in good condition and that there are no other signs of damage.

#2: Check the fluids

If your camper is a motor home, then you need to make sure the fluids are clean and at the right level. Hopefully you had an oil change before parking it for winter, but if not, that is something you need to do before the first trip of the year. Top off any low fluids and have possible leaks addressed if your oil, brake, or transmission fluid is especially low after a season of sitting in storage.

#3: Clear the water system

When storing for winter, most camper owners flush the water system and fill it with antifreeze to prevent the water hoses or tanks from developing leaks. To do this, you have to flush clear water through all the tanks and faucets until it runs clear and any antifreeze odor is gone. Some camper owners also add a cup or two of bleach to a full tank, let it sit, then flush it through the system to ensure everything is clean.

#4: Prep the propane system

Air sometimes gets into the propane lines during storage. To make sure all the gas appliances are working correctly on your trip, prep the system before you leave. Start by lighting one burner on the stove. Once you are able to light the first burner, turn on and light the rest. This will force sufficient propane through the gas lines to push out any air pockets. If you can't get the burners to all light, the gas lines may need serviced.

Once the above is done, it's go time! Load up your camper and hit the road for a great summer. If you need more help, contact a service center near you.